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Legacy Storytelling

Their story. Always with you.

There is something about a story that can fill us with emotion. A grandparent telling their grandchildren how it was “back in the day,” or a mother telling her daughter how she felt when she fell in love, we hold on to these memories forever, but we also want to pass them on. Get started today in creating a special memoir of a family member's history.

Video Camera


Be Seen.

How do you promote your business? Do your potential customers understand what you do? Do they know how your products and/or services can benefit them?

Video content offers a compelling way to get your message across and is becoming the preferred way to get information on the internet. Nine out of ten people say watching a video helps them make a purchasing decision. 


Show your business in lights

Image by Chris Lawton

Media Transfer

Your Memories. New.

Your memories are important. You hold them close, and they live in your heart. It's likely they live in a drawer on old tapes too! 
It’s time to bring them into the 21st century with our media transfer service. We can take your old tapes and put them on DVD or a usb thumb drive for convenient viewing, anytime you want.

Bring your memories into today.

Film Set



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NewShoots Media Production

Based in central Minnesota, NewShoots Media Production is a husband and wife team helping others communicate their message through digital media. We are fascinated by how pictures, especially motion pictures, can tell a story.
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